We all want to feel comfortable in our own skin, experience peace in our own body and radiate this to the world around us. I am here to activate this feeling inside of you through nourishing skin treatments with natural products, relaxing massages and gentle yoga classes.

Inge Peeters



Treatments aimed to give you healthy and radiant skin in a natural way. The gentle touch of a beautician is combined with the knowledge from medical skin therapy.

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Thanks to a solid but slow massage technique, your body has the opportunity to release tension. You can slow down your thoughts, so that you can start to feel certain situations in life differently.

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Yoga gives you the opportunity to slow down, take a rest and release tension from the body. The classes are a combination of movement and stillness.

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About Inge

“ Because beauty is about radiating peace, health, strength and presence.”

From an early age I have had a fascination for the beauty of the human being. What makes someone beautiful? What makes someone unique? What makes someone attract your attention? This led me to the world of outer and inner self care.

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It is special to experience how Inge adjusts to the customer and therefore “knows” which treatment is needed at that time. That is why it is not a regular massage but one on different “layers”. That betrays her professionalism and authenticity. I hope to receive treatments from you for a long time to come!


I have been coming to Inge for years and it is not only my skin that benefits from her facials. I walk outside as a new person again and again. Inge has a very soft energy in which everything from me is welcome. When I feel stressed, restless, sad or tired, everything falls away in her practice and I can completely relax. The atmosphere is serene, her hands healing, her expertise evident, her heart cheerful and pure. I wish everyone that they allow themselves time with Inge!


It was so wonderful! Great start of my holiday. Thank you for that, Inge. You are a very sweet and warm person, you put me at ease, take the time for questions / explanations and made me feel special, that I can be there. I imagined myself at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall, majestic! See you next time. 


Inge is calm and explains well in advance what she is going to do. She really takes the time for you and her working method feels calm and very pleasant. I have never had such a great massage experience before. Highly recommended for anyone who would like to relax and be in the here and now.


You can really let yourself be pampered at Inge. Her gentle and soft energy makes you feel immediately at ease. She also clearly explains in advance what she is going to do, which products she uses and what they are intended for. She really makes you feel like she is there for you. Her facial and neck massages are wonderful and give you the feeling of being away from the busy world.


Inge has a very pleasant calm appearance, so that tension immediately slips away from you upon arrival. She really pays attention to you in a very natural way. Very valuable! 


What a wonderful treatments Inge gives. You feel that what she does is right. She works with deep connection and is fully focused on you. You feel her expertise and experience in her work. You feel cherished and sometimes addressed, because she does what is necessary for your skin and body in a loving way. I can recommend Inge to everyone. 


Inge knows what she’s doing. Her knowledge and intuition is very pleasant, I always leave her practice completely relaxed! Really recommended.


I have been coming to Inge for various treatments for years. I am very satisfied with her expertise and the way she radiates inner peace. 


At Inge you feel seen and the treatment is tailored to your skin type. She is certainly knowledgeable. My skin is radiant and the shoulder and facial massage is divine. Highly recommended! 




Located in the middle of the dunes of Bloemendaal on one of the most beautiful campsites in Europe. An American school bus that has been transformed into a unique wellness location. April to October.

Camping de Lakens
Zeeweg 60
2051 EC Overveen

T: 06 14 11 64 54
E: info@ingepeeters.com



Centrally located and easily accessible by public transport. A practice with a peaceful atmosphere and a comfortable treatment table. 

Inge Peeters
Pelikaanlaan 137
2106 DJ Heemstede

T: 06 14 11 64 54
E: info@ingepeeters.com